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What Parents Saying:

“In the latter part of my child’s 1st grade year, he was doing hundreds place addition and tens-place multiplication without pencil and paper. I had to check his answers with my calculator.   I would ask him, ‘how do you know that?’ and he would answer ‘I don't know, it's just easy!’”

“My daughter was doing multiplication by the end of Kindergarten!”

“My child voluntarily reads, does math, etc ON HER OWN without me having to prompt her. Homework hasn't killed her love of learning and we don't battle over how many pages a day she reads. She's self-directed and far surpassing the expectations I had."

“I am so impressed with the quality of the teaching and the way they (teachers) are able to talk to and work with the kids.”

“My child gets an opportunity to explore and succeed at her own pace.  There is no competition, but encouragement.  She is praised for her accomplishments and is learning to encourage others also, which is HUGE for a little person.”

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Welcome to the Multiage program parent participation program at Orangethorpe Elementary School in Fullerton California. For over 40 years we have been dedicated to providing our students with an personalized (child centered) learning environment within a public school setting.

Our Program is comprised of two classrooms; KCD, which includes students from grades K through 3rd, and Room 30 which includes students from grades 4th through 6th. To learn more about what each of our classrooms can offer your child, click on the tab appropriate to your childs grade level, above.

Our Mission
Orangethorpe School’s Alternative/Multiage program is in
its 4th decade and is comprised of students from grades K
through 6. We have come to view our mission as a commitment to perpetuating an authentic learning experience in academic disciplines and critical thinking skills, cradled in the safe and nurturing environment which best provides room for social and emotional growth. In this program teachers and parents provide a backdrop for learning and social development that acknowledges these cornerstones: The belief that children learn best when allowed to learn at their own pace, and that they have a more meaningful experience in school when they can choose a method or approach to understanding a subject, or a life skill, that is relevant to them . The belief that when children learn in an environment with a diversity in age, background and culture they have a greater chance of acquiring the degree of leadership, tolerance, and compassion necessary to become pro-active citizens. The understanding of the
priceless value of parental participation in a child’s
educational experience And finally, the belief that a
learning environment which continually stresses one-on-one
interaction between adults and children fosters the
independent and responsible child. So it is upon these
cornerstones that we, as multiage teachers, have placed our years of experience, and as parents our thousands of
combined hours of volunteer work, to create what we believe is one of the best educational opportunities available. Web Hosting
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Imagine Your Child Thriving In a Public School Classroom Where:

  • Collaboration is the norm
  • Learning styles are honored
  • Parents and families know each other
  • Small group instruction gives personalized attention
  • And… Kids feel good about themselves!

This program provides the solution for families who yearn for:

  • A sense of community that continues year to year
  • Individualized curriculum tailored for each child
  • A strong sense of connection between home and school
  • Freedom from the pressure of traditional classrooms- without sacrificing academic achievement or goals

Multiage News:
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