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What Parents Say About the Multiage Parent Participation Program

"When it came to our son's education, we looked far and wide for schools, in our surrounding home area of Pomona, that offered an educational environment where our son would be respected for his learning style and would receive instruction at his developmental rate.  I've worked as an Early Childhood Educator for over 17 years and always prided myself on the ability to individualize the curriculum in my classroom and help young children reach their developmental milestones and benchmarks according to their timeline, not mine.  I wanted this type of learning for my son and it seemed like a natural progression from his preschool experience.  We didn't know how, but we were prepared to pay privately for this type of education, knowing the traditional public school classroom could not offer it.  We were excited to learn of Orangethorpe's Multi-Age program from a former co-teacher of mine.  It offers an individualized curriculum, one-to-one and small group instruction, and most importantly, respects the type of learner my son is and allows him to learn at his own pace since the children remain in the program for 4 years.  The icing on the cake was that it requires parent participation, which might sound like a big commitment, but this is the time our kids typically go through this school experience on their own and often experience their first peer pressures and other social and physical changes.  How great is it that we can be so actively involved and support them as they experience these changes. Most school teachers are overwhelmed with parent volunteers on top of their 20-30 students each year.  Mrs. Caron welcomes all our parents with open arms, trains us to be effective partners in education, thus creating a truly unique learning environment.  We recommend this program to all families and we hope that our willingness to commute in from Pomona daily just reinforces the magic this classroom provides."

- Tanya and Victor Jimenez, enrolled since 2007/2008 school year, from Pomona Unified School District.

"At KCD I can have fun and learn.  I am responsible for my learning every day, I do reading, writing, and math and I get to pick what math game I play and I can write about whatever I want.  I really like KCD." - Reilly, 3rd Grade

Our daughter has just completed kindergarten in this program. Every morning, we are invited to go into the classroom and enjoy a peaceful moment reading with her. She cherishes books. She also enjoys writing and looks forward to school and what she will write about next. Within this first school year she has already developed a real confidence in reading, writing, and math and in everything she does at school.

What we find to be the most amazing aspect of this program is that both of our children feel no pressure regarding their academic advancement. Their progress is as natural as learning to walk or talk. Each child learning at his own pace, in an environment where we (as parents) are invited to participate in their education has resulted in happy confident children."
- Yolanda and Sammy, enrolled since 2003/2004 school year from Anaheim City School District


"Our family has been involved with this program for four years and we love it! It is the best choice for our kid's education.‎"
- Katie and Julio, enrolled since 2006/2007 school year from Fullerton School District


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